In the wake of the terrible situation in Ukraine, many are now having doubts over using anti-virus software from Kaspersky. There are many alternatives to consider if you find yourself in that situation. Today then we look at those and at Bitdefender, with whom we have partnered in our on-going quest to deliver robust cyber security solutions.

Warnings over using Kaspersky internet security

There have been some who have started to raise concerns about Kaspersky’s software recently. This BBC article features one such warning, from Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). Kaspersky deny ties to the Russian government but any misgivings towards their products is entirely understandable. At CRIBB Cyber Security we always focus on what is best for our clients and as such, we felt it only right to highlight the other solutions available.


One alternative option to consider is Bitdefender. Providing unified prevention, extended detection, response and risk analytics, Bitdefender’s security solutions protect against all attack vectors. You can then also expect robust machine learning, behavioural analysis, advanced anti-exploit technologies, risk analytics and continuous monitoring of running processes.

It is designed to secure endpoints ranging from Windows and Mac workstations to an array of physical, virtual and cloud server workload and mobile devices. The Advanced Business Security offering covers any operating system and all virtualized platforms.

CRIBB Cyber Security Tip

If you want full disk encryption and patch management, then here is another area where Bitdefender excels against Kaspersky. Contact us today to find out more and for pricing information.

Whilst the experts at CRIBB recommend this particular solution, there are others to consider – more on those below.

Alternative IT security solutions

If you are considering alternatives to Kaspersky, then the following are some alternative endpoint detection and response solutions. It is important to note that when evaluating different solutions, certain aspects must be considered. Our experts would therefore suggest evaluation, contracting, integration, deployment, service and support plus also specific capabilities.

  • Check Point Software Technologies
  • McAfee
  • Cisco
  • ESET
  • Microsoft
  • FireEye
  • Broadcom (Symantec)
  • Trend Micro

Whatever your stance on this, one thing is clear; it is vital to have some form of defence in place. If you do not currently then we would strongly advise you to change that. We have highlighted a number of good solutions here but are happy to talk you through them in detail.

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