As part of theICEway ecosystem of companies, CRIBB Cyber Security has worked with clients in maritime and cruise for many years. We provide insights and support with governance, certification and more in the pursuit of attaining cyber resilience. Over the years, our collaborations have allowed us to develop our various cyber security services and products. So much so that we have been able to create CRIBB Maritime Cyber Assurance, a unique security framework specifically for cruise lines. CMCA, powered by theICEway, is recognised by the IASME Consortium and presents an affordable alternative to ISO27001. The security issues and threats faced by vessels today are numerous and growing by the day, with connectivity and data storage in particular proving to be areas targeted by cyber-criminals more frequently.

Top Tip

If you are in the maritime industry and need help with your existing efforts, simply contact our experts today. You can request a demonstration, or a PDF about this innovative solution to present to your team.


  • It offers you the opportunity to assess your data protection readiness
  • It enables you to aspire to and reach the highest level of compliance possible
  • It allows you to minimise the risk of incurring fines through data breaches
  • Benefit from full consultation throughout from our certified cyber security experts
  • Re-evaluate security policies and the organisation of information within your organisation
  • Drill-down into operations security, subject access, human resources & more
  • Analyse existing supplier relationships, business continuity management & more
  • Validate all equipment, technical controls, network / cloud, firewalls and malware
  • Receive help with managing security incidents, guidance on cryptography and asset management advice
  • Increase your overall cyber security awareness and protection.

Why CRIBB Cyber Security and theICEway?

Quite simply, we can take the stress and strain away by providing full support and training for your team. CRIBB is an official certification body that is fully backed by the UK government. We adopt a security by design approach and pride ourselves on delivering end-to-end cyber resilience for clients. We have a robust selection of services including governance, certification, data protection officer as a service, detection, support & more.

Over the years we have built up fantastic relationships with The IASME Consortium and Pen Test Partners amongst many others. We also recently became ECSA-approved as well as acquiring status as internationally approved penetration testers by CREST.

theICEway ecosystem consists of specialist IT brands that combine to deliver a complete digital solution for our clients in cruise, travel and healthcare. As well as CRIBB, ICE and eTestware also collaborate with our clients’ IT teams. We work on technology projects, application managed service, cloud strategy and software testing. Our efforts go in tandem with you to ensure that key objectives are met.

Based in Welwyn Garden City here in the UK, we also have offices around the world. We’re based in Tallinn, Miami and Australia, so whilst we still very much see ourselves as a local company, we most certainly have a global reach!


The IASME Consortium – Founded on the basis that the supply chains of all companies required at least basic cyber security measures to be put in place. IASME developed the IASME Governance standard for small companies. Ultimately becoming known as the best standard for small organisations, it led to the subsequent creation of Cyber Essentials. CE is the UK Government basic level certification scheme. In late 2019, IASME were chosen by the National Cyber Security Centre as their sole partner in the delivery of Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus (great news for all at CRIBB)

ISO27001 – An international standard that sets out how to manage information security

ECSA – The EC-Council Certified Security Analyst program for penetration testing is held in very high regard. It allows those who have completed the Certified Ethical Hacker course to further enhance their abilities by using the EC-Council’s published methodology.

CREST – A non-profit, international accreditation and certification body representing the technical information security market

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