As part of theICEway ecosystem of companies, CRIBB Cyber Security provides expert guidance and assistance with governance and certification. We also help clients in Healthcare, Cruise, Travel and Retail in their efforts to become more cyber resilient. Today we take a closer look at how our cyber security professionals can help you with our CRIBB consultancy and DPO services.

Security by design

Here at CRIBB, we take a ‘Security by Design’ approach wherever possible, because we know just how important it is to put cyber security at the forefront of any business agenda. Indeed, a quick glance at the numbers for cyber-crime in recent years perfectly illustrates this point:

According to the University of Maryland, hackers are attacking computers and networks once every 39 seconds

The CyberEdge Group 2020 Cyberthreat Defence Report revealed that 4 out of 5 organisations surveyed were the victims of successful cyber-attacks in 2019

AV-Test disclosed that there were over 38 million new malware samples up to April, with just short of 145 million for the whole of last year; at that rate, 2020 stands to end with up to 160 million

We can help you to improve your existing security processes, policies and infrastructure, or we can take you through alternative options depending upon your requirements, and our wide range of consultancy services include a Technical Review Service, Information Governance Assistance and ‘DPOaaS’ – Data Protection Officer as a Service – with each one designed to leave you fully prepared.

CRIBB Technical Review Service

As we have seen, cyber-crime is growing year-on-year and with a number of very high-profile organisations suffering cyber-attacks and data breaches in recent months, it is clear that everybody is a potential target.

We strongly urge businesses of all shapes and sizes to (re-)evaluate their position regarding the security of their data, networks and websites, especially when we know that upwards of 60% of small businesses simply do not recover after a serious cyber-attack.

Our Technical Review service represents the perfect opportunity for you to do just that, with our professional consultants taking a deep dive into your security set up from the perspective of both a ‘defender’ and an ‘attacker’ – giving you the best of both worlds (so to speak).

Our Information Governance Assistance service gives you the chance to revisit your data policies, registers and management forms, and if necessary, allows you to completely replace them in conjunction with our experienced IGAs.

We will effectively ensure that you have the correct application of information governance within your organisation, meaning that it is legally compliant and governed in the correct manner.


A couple of years ago, the GDPR came into effect and with it came the news for many companies that they would need to invest in a data protection officer, due to the volume and / or sensitive nature of the information that they were processing.

This put many in a difficult position, because as well as the challenge of having to adapt under these circumstances, the fact of the matter was that there was a real shortage in the amount of cyber security professionals available.

This is still the case and is one of the main reasons we decided to revamp our ‘DPO as a Service’ offering, to act as an enabler for those otherwise unable to fulfil this development.
Of course, in our post-Brexit world the GDPR does not affect us in quite the same way but the DPA 2018 does, and our popular, cost-effective solution actually sees certified and internationally approved DPOs helping with ALL data Protection requirements.


IGAs – Information Governance Assistants

The GDPR – The General Data Protection Regulation, a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy in the EU and EEA

The DPA 2018 – The Data Protection Act 2018, a national law for the UK which updated the DPA 1998 and complements the GDPR

Top Tip

Contact the experts at CRIBB Cyber Security today and take your first giant steps along theICEway – remember, the best approach is a proactive one, so even if you think you are cyber-secure, think again and take some smaller steps right now:

– Anticipate being attacked
– Implement a strong password policy
– Deploy frequent data backups