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Here at CRIBB Cyber Security, we pride ourselves on providing a wealth of products and services. These are detailed in our 2020 service catalogue, released late last year. Today we look at the CRIBB consultancy services on offer from our team of experts…

Data Protection Consultancy

One of our qualified and approved consultants explains how to achieve compliance with all data protection regulations (including GDPR).

The enforcement of the GDPR was one of the most significant changes in data privacy of the last 20 years. Since then, a number of very high profile companies have received fines worth millions. It has become clear for all to see that compliance is not easily achieved.  

This is where the experienced consultants at CRIBB Cyber Security can help. Our Data Protection Review service allows us to verify your existing compliance level, so we can then advise what is missing.

You can then combine your own efforts with those of our fully trained experts.

PCI DSS Consultancy

This service is designed to provide organisations with advice and guidance on the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. The aim is to ensure that they have adequate IT security controls in place. A secure environment is a must for any company accepting, processing, storing or transmitting credit card information. This service reduces the risk of fraud and payment card theft, whilst also giving assurance to payment processors (AMEX, Visa, Mastercard) and customers.

Our qualified consultants can help reduce the complexity inherent in such an important area. They can manage your journey towards achieving and maintaining a position of compliance. A strategy review will take place first. Then we will identify which elements of the business need addressing, and all in a cost-effective yet robust way. Our PCI DSS Consultancy starts with a 1-day service.

CRIBB Consultancy Services: Cyber Security

Cyber security was a very hot topic in 2019, and 2020 looks set to be another interesting year for all those actively pursuing a higher level of cyber resilience.

Cyber-attacks continue to grow, and they are coming in increasingly more forms, so it is imperative that all companies, large and small, take the subject very seriously indeed.  

With our cyber security consultancy service, we can verify your existing security level before advising you on what is required for computer systems, networks, and software programs.

Our overall goal is to ensure that Cyber Security best practices reside deep within your business, so that in the event of a breach or attack, you are as prepared as you can be.

Our Cyber Security Consultancy starts with a 1-day service.

IG Advisor Assistance

Information Governance describes the overall information strategy at a company, which generally instils a balance between the risk that lies with the information and the overall value it can provide.

If this is something that you are unsure about, then our Information Governance Advisors are only too happy to help.

Whether it’s a case of completing data management policies or reviewing the overall application of information within your company, CRIBB Cyber Security have the data protection specialists and are backed up by industry-recognised auditors.

We can help you to remain legally compliant and ensure that your information is governed correctly; for more information on this service please call us on 0800 9 101 101.

DPO as a Service (DPOaaS)

As mentioned earlier, GDPR has had a significant impact on data privacy and it has also resulted in a number of companies having to install a data protection officer – which is no mean feat considering that there is a shortage in data protection specialists available.

It can also be a very costly acquisition due to this, so it is not surprising that DPO as a Service from CRIBB Cyber Security has been the recipient of a good level of attention in recent months.

Designed as a cost-effective solution for those companies without the resources or knowledge on data protection, our certified and internationally approved Data Protection Officers can help with GDPR 2018, DPA 2018, CCPA 2019, PECR 2003 and more.

You can outsource the expert advice and guidance of our industry experts from as little as 10 hours per annum…

CRIBB Consultancy Services: Software Licence Compliance

Our certified assessors can assist in all levels of compliance relating to Software Detection, Licence Understanding, Software Management and requested legal Licencing Audits for Microsoft and the Federation Against Software Theft (FAST).

Achieving Software Licence Compliance means that companies can avoid being ‘under-licenced’. Our assessors will also help check all parameters that must be considered, including device configuration, geographic location and employee / non-employee status.

This service starts from 1 day per annum…


Q. What are the seven principles of GDPR?

A. Lawfulness, fairness and transparency | Purpose limitation | Data minimisation | Accuracy | Storage limitation | Integrity & confidentiality (security) | Accountability

Q. Does PCI DSS compliance also apply to debit cards?

A. Yes; any company that accepts payment via credit or debit cards must be compliant.

Q. Why is cyber security important?

A. It covers the protection of sensitive data, personal information, personally identifiable information, protected health information, intellectual property, data plus governmental and industry information systems.

Q. What is the purpose of Information Governance?

A. It helps employees to deal with the different rules on how information is processed and handled in a consistent way.

Q. Who needs a DPO?

A. GDPR requires certain organisations to appoint a data protection officer, namely those organisations who are processing data on a large scale or regularly processing special categories of data / personal data related to criminal offences and convictions.

Q. How can you manage software licences?

A. The best practices for software licence management are:

  • To maintain a clear list of all licences
  • To continuously monitor all costs associated to your licences
  • To ensure that correct software licence management is an important aspect of your business


DPA 2018 – The Data Protection Act 2018 (a UK act of Parliament)

CCPA 2019 – California Consumer Privacy Act 2019

PECR 2003 – The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 (EC Directive)

Top Tip

If you are interested in any of the CRIBB consultancy services listed above, or if you would like to see what else CRIBB Cyber Security can offer, then you can grab a copy of our 2020 Service Catalogue by contacting us today…