CRIBB Cyber Security in 2022: Our new look - Cribb Cyber Security

You may have noticed that our website homepage has changed. This is all part of our strategy for CRIBB Cyber Security in 2022. The site will be fully adopting our new look and feel and we’ll be providing tailored cyber security packages that will help organisations to become cyber security ready. More on that below!

CRIBB, an official certification body

We are backed by the UK government and regularly help companies with certifications. In partnership with The IASME Consortium, we can successfully guide you through Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus and IASME Governance. We’re also specialists when it comes to IASME’s Maritime Cyber Baseline. This is due to our status as a member of theICEway ecosystem of companies – we actually created our own IT security framework for cruise some years ago (CMCA).

Now superseded by IASME’s new scheme, CMCA – CRIBB Maritime Cyber Assurance – was developed using our vast knowledge of the cruise industry. Our experts worked with the teams at ICE and eTestware to support cruise lines and then applied their learnings. In fact, we’ve applied our learnings from industries also including healthcare to create a wide range of cyber security solutions.

CRIBB, providing IT security solutions since 2016

Our new look is complimented by a re-focus on the services we provide. We’re not changing them because judging by the feedback we receive, there is thankfully no need! Rather, we are redefining how they are categorised. If you look at our current services page, you will see that everything is listed along with guide pricing. You’ll also notice that the format and style of the page is somewhat outdated – that is going to change. What is also changing is that our services now fall under 3 key pillars:

  • Certifications
  • Detection & defence
  • Safeguarding

Why these changes?

Quite simply, the world of cyber security is a complex one and so we are ‘cleaning’ both our site and our offering to help simplify things. Hands up how many of you know what a penetration test is? You may have an idea but by labelling it under ‘detection & defence’, the hope is that it becomes much clearer. We are also now providing tailored IT security packages. Historically, a new client might approach us for a certification need. We might then discover that they also require a data protection officer. This is quite a normal process for cyber security companies in the UK and indeed around the world. However, we at CRIBB and theICEway adopt a security by design approach to cyber security.

“Security by design is a vitally important concept. CRIBB will assess your every need and then make the appropriate recommendations.”

Patrick Carolan

CRIBB adopts a proactive stance, this demonstrated through our new ‘CRIBB Cyber Security Ready’ packages. These are designed to cater for companies and organisations of all shapes and sizes. We’ll determine the level of cyber security support you require. We’ll then provide you with a Data Protection Officer (DPO), a requirement that is befalling more and more businesses.

We will engage in regular meetings and proffer advice on Cyber Essentials and other certifications if necessary. Depending upon your size, sector and other factors, we may then include penetration tests and / or vulnerability scans. Whatever you need, we’ll recommend the right package for you and your organisation. Read more about our CRIBB Cyber Security Ready (CSR) packages.

CRIBB Cyber Security in 2022

So there you have it, a brief summary of the initial changes we’re making this year. One thing that will not change is our commitment to raising cyber awareness. We’re proud to work with global organisations and also those in our local community. In 2022, we’ll help you become cyber aware no matter what your post code!