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Today we look at some of the partnerships we have developed over many years within the cyber security industry. Our experts pride themselves on expanding their knowledge through experience and the ongoing pursuit of certifications. Our cyber security partners also then provide us with a robust source of information.

CRIBB Cyber Security is an official certification body backed by the UK government. The company was founded to address the issues of growing cyber-attacks and data breaches. With a real lack of professional cyber security expertise and resources globally, CRIBB aimed to fill a huge gap.

Together with our partners, our own cyber security professionals have worked tirelessly alongside clients to increase their cyber resilience. Our consultancy, governance, data protection and other services have helped hugely. Partners such as the IASME Consortium, with whom we have a long-standing relationship, have enabled us to help with Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus. We are proud to say that our alliance began long before IASME became the sole official partner of the NCSC earlier this year.

Top Tip: How can your company become more cyber resilient? Become Cyber Essentials certified

By contacting us here at CRIBB, you can take those all-important steps towards boosting your cyber security awareness and overall resilience. Our experts can guide you through the process of achieving Cyber Essentials certification with no fuss. You will have complete peace of mind and your customers will be assured that you take cyber security very seriously indeed. In this age of advanced digital transformation, that is something to no longer be taken lightly…

Our efforts over the years have touched a variety of companies and organisations in retail and travel. Our predominant focus has been on the healthcare and cruise / maritime industries, however. Both have seen particularly sharp increases in cyber security-related incidents in recent years.


Number of patient record breaches: 2018 – 15 million / 2019 – 41.4 million

Ransomware attacks are to quadruple between 2017 and 2020 (report from Cybersecurity Ventures)

Email fraud attacks have increased by 473% in 2 years (report from a vendor in the HIPAA Journal)

Cruise / Maritime

Number of months during which unauthorised access to the email accounts of Princess Cruises were detected: 4 (between April and July 2019, report from Princess Cruises themselves)

Cyber-attacks on Maritime Operational Technology has increased by 900% between 2017 and 2020 (report from Naval Dome)

Number of attempted Maritime hacks has increased by 400% since February 2020 (report from Naval Dome)

Volatile digital landscapes

It is our goal to help these industries fight against increasingly volatile digital landscapes. Just this year, ICE and eTestware – our partners on theICEway – were involved with several health-related apps designed to tackle COVID, whilst we ourselves launched CRIBB Maritime Cyber Assurance (CMCA) late last year to provide a more robust security framework for clients in Maritime and Cruise.

CRIBB actually enables theICEway ecosystem of companies to adopt a security by design approach, whilst ICE gives us access to vastly experienced IT consultants, Managed Service specialists and more, and eTestware provides expert outsourced software testers from around the globe.

Starting life back in the 90’s, the key objective of theICEway has been to provide an end-to-end digital solution for clients, with a huge emphasis on generating results that are completely in line with their core needs and requirements. Over the past two decades they have worked closely with clients’ IT teams to deliver technology projects, application managed service and cloud strategy.

One of the key services we provide here at CRIBB Cyber Security is Penetration Testing alongside Pen Test Partners. PTP are security consultants who pride themselves on targeting the data that needs to be protected in their tests, rather than simply conducting generic system tests.

That specific, focused approach is one that we share, and as such we have worked together for many years now to provide clients with internal, external, website and advanced office perimeter access penetration testing.


The IASME Consortium – A leading, Government appointed accreditation body

Cyber Essentials & CE Plus – Government-backed schemes designed to help companies and organisations to protect themselves against online threats; whilst Cyber Essentials is a self-certification involving the completion of a questionnaire with supporting evidence, Cyber Essentials Plus requires an external vulnerability scan to be carried out

NCSC – The National Cyber Security Centre, a UK Government organisation that provides support to the public and private sectors with online security threats