It’s a difficult period right now for everyone but the weather is looking up and Easter is fast-approaching. Therefore, we’ve decided to embrace a spirit of light-hearted fun for today’s weekly blog offering. We cannot give you actual Easter eggs but here is a small selection of our favourite IT-related CRIBB Easter eggs… enjoy!

The experts at CRIBB Cyber Security are specialists in all things IT-related. They spend hours pouring over keyboards and tablets. Sometimes, they get through several PC mice in mere days as they put their hearts and souls into keeping ahead of potential cyber security threats. It is only natural, then, that they rejoice at the odd distraction. But always one that involves at least one of their computers.

‘Easter Eggs’ sometimes take the form of jokes, screens or secret messages that are found buried within applications, and in the world of computing and software, they are very much revered. They are often used as a way to display credits for the development team behind the app in question, or they might feature a humorous message aimed at users, but to access them you must either input certain keystrokes or follow a special procedure.

Here are some of our favourite ‘Easter Eggs’ – have fun!

Android Easter Egg

There are hidden Easter eggs in various versions of Android; to access them, go to your Settings menu and select:

“About Phone” –> Then –> “Software information” –> Then TAP the Android Version shown 5 times quickly –> et voila!

Google Easter Eggs

Type “Do A Barrel Roll” in the Google search box and then press enter… The page will tilt and rotate 360 degrees!!

For more fun, try typing in “Askew” or “Anagram” (theICEway’s developers particularly enjoy that one!)

Bing Easter Egg

Type “Snake Game” into the search box and get ready for some cursor-key related shenanigans…

We hope you enjoy these CRIBB Easter eggs!

All of the team at theICEway are working remotely and adhering to the rules on social distancing to stay safe and healthy. We would urge you to do the same and to try to stay positive – we are all in this together. Together we will ‘break on through to the other side’! (10 points for guessing the song / 10 points for guessing the name of the band / 25 points for getting both together!)