CRIBB Cyber Security,
established in 2016

CRIBB is 5 years old and the entire team are proud to have reached such a strong milestone. The last 5 years have given us some amazing experiences and we have been privileged to help some truly amazing clients since 2016. Cyber security was developing strongly then and has become a huge subject now, dominating board meetings around the world. When we started out, it was just beginning to ‘explode’ but then the threats grew far greater. Thankfully, through the efforts of all in the cyber security community, there are fewer victims of cyber-crimes today. We must not let complacency set in, however. CRIBB is 5 years old in 2021 and we intend to celebrate the next big birthday by announcing that there are even fewer victims of breaches and cyber-attacks.

CRIBB established in 2016

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CRIBB Cyber Security is a crucial part of theICEway ecosystem of companies. Originally born out of a collaboration with security providers, CRIBB had established itself as a separate entity by late 2016. It then became recognised as a certification body for IASME Governance and Cyber Essentials. As time passed, so more cyber security solutions were introduced. Penetration testing and vulnerability scanning were then complimented by consultancy services, with more to follow. Today, CRIBB Cyber Security supports and advises clients in sectors including cruise, travel and healthcare.

We do this often in direct alliance with our partners on theICEway, ICE and eTestware. All projects and services undertaken by theICEway and its IT brands are underpinned by a security by design framework. This framework is a guarantee that our work is to the correct security standards. CRIBB Cyber Security audits all services, solutions and products to this end.

In recognition of the fantastic milestone we reached last year, we are proud to be offering a complimentary consultation with our security professionals. Contact us now to arrange for an evaluation of your current IT security operations. We’ll provide you with a list of recommendations designed to reinforce your cyber security levels and then raise your overall cyber awareness.

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As part of theICEway we have access to vast resources from around the globe, including those at ICE and eTestware. The team at ICE have spent many years delivering IT solutions and support to a variety of different industries. The software testing experts at eTestware largely hail from Estonia, the Silicon Valley of Europe. With offices also then in the US, Australia, Norway and the UK, theICEway has a truly global reach.

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