The experts at CRIBB Cyber Security work on governance, certification, data protection and more with clients from industries including cruise. Our many services have helped organisations large and small in the ongoing battle against cyber-attacks and data breaches. Today we take a closer look at CRIBB Maintenance & Support.

Cyber security policies

Having robust policies in place in the modern age is incredibly important. The many dangers and threats to IT systems are constantly multiplying. It is not enough to have a security framework, you must maintain it and keep it up to date. All of the latest requirements must be adhered to and certifications should be acquired. This is where we come in.

With our bespoke Maintenance Support Services, we are able to provide an agreement that covers the key aspects for your business. This may include data protection, cyber security and re-certification. We always take a proactive, security by design approach wherever possible. It is vital for us to take the time to understand your business from the ground upwards, taking careful note of existing practices and overall business objectives.

Lower your cyber security budgets, not your cyber resilience

Over the years, our professionals have helped some clients to reduce their previous cyber security budget. This has been achieved without compromising on compliance levels. If you were ever to consider outsourcing then now is a great time to take some decisive steps.

As well as CRIBB Maintenance & support, we can also provide Incident Management Assistance. We work with you on the management, rectification and evaluation of cyber incidents in a timely and effective manner. We recognise that your business is your top priority, and that makes it our top priority too. Cyber-attacks can be crippling, so when faced with them, our experienced and skilled consultants are there for you. They dedicate themselves towards containing the threat and recovering your business processes with the minimum of fuss. It doesn’t matter whether you have a single endpoint or hundreds of thousands, they’ll see you through.

For a more comprehensive guide to our many services, click here. Alternatively, contact us to take your first steps along theICEway with CRIBB Cyber Security.