CRIBB Q3 Round-Up - Cribb Cyber Security

October is almost upon us and so today we are looking back at some of the blog pieces published between July and September this year. The team at CRIBB Cyber Security have been keeping very busy in 2020, despite the difficult circumstances we have all endured but also because of them, as cyber criminals have taken advantage of the mass disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic…

July 28th – Cyber-attacks on Maritime / September 15th Ransomware in Cruise

In July we sat down with CRIBB’s Patrick Carolan to discuss two of our favourite topics: Cyber security and the maritime industry.

This particular conversation came about when a report emerged revealing that cyber-attacks on maritime Operational Technology had increased by 900% in just three years.

This article featured numerous eye-opening statistics, listing examples of the attacks including those against the ports of San Diego and Barcelona, and you can read it in full here.

We couldn’t include that July piece without giving at least a mention to a similar story that ran just a couple of weeks ago. In September we looked at growing cases of ransomware in cruise in the aftermath of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Top Tips against ransomware

  • Use anti-malware, mail server content scanning & filtering
  • Keep all IT systems updated
  • Regularly back up data

August 18th – Internet of Things

Last month we tackled IoT, something which seems to be growing faster than many organisations can handle, at least from a cyber security perspective.

In the past, your ‘IoT footprint’ might consist of a mobile device plus tablet and laptop in addition to your home computer. Nowadays, the list of devices is often longer than the average weekly shopping list:

Amazon Echo; doorbell cams; smart locks; smart light switches; air quality monitors; smart smoke alarms; smart watches; learning thermostats; smart home cyber security hubs; smart refrigerators.

Our IoT article specifically looked at the multiple risks generated by the expansion in devices connected to the internet.

September 8th – DSP Toolkit

Earlier this month, we ran an article about the updated Data Security and Protection Toolkit. As an online tool that organisations in healthcare use, it is of vital importance and we wanted to share what the changes might mean for our many friends in the industry.

As part of theICEway ecosystem of companies, CRIBB Cyber Security has worked alongside the NHS and private practices for years and we are fully able to help – to find out more, click here.

CRIBB Cyber Security allows theICEway to provide a ‘Security by design’ approach wherever possible with our clients in the healthcare, cruise and travel industries.


Ransomware – Malware that threatens to reveal sensitive data or deny access to users unless a ransom is paid

IoT footprint – We have neither explicitly heard nor seen this term used as yet, and so we are adamant that we were first to publish it in print – pioneers! Quite simply, we are all developing an IoT footprint as we gather together more and more smart devices to contribute towards SAP SE’s forecast of IoT generating USD $11 trillion annually by 2025

SAP SE – Founded in 1972 in Germany, Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing now has offices around the world and is a major cloud company with 200 million users.