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CRIBB Cyber Security is effectively the Governance branch of theICEway ecosystem of companies. We adopt a security by design approach wherever possible. Over the past two decades, our experts have worked alongside clients from a variety of different sectors, but we have always encountered tremendous success in healthcare, cruise and travel. As such, we have gathered unparalleled experiences that we can draw upon when required in those industries. With cyber-attacks on the increase in general, it is fair to say that CRIBB sectors have been keeping very busy this year.


For many years, our experienced and knowledgeable team has dealt with the NHS and private healthcare organisations, ensuring all of our clients are specifically trained to improve their overall resilience. We take the time to share our insights so that everybody has a firm understanding of how to stay protected against even low-level cyber-attacks, whilst also having a robust comprehension of IGSoC.

Health systems contain PHI, a target for cyber criminals seeking to engage in identity theft, so it is critical that strong security measures and processes are established and followed; here are some tips that may help.

Cyber security in healthcare: Top Tips

  • Establish an IT Security ‘Culture’
  • Ensure that software, operating systems & mobile devices are up to date & secure
  • Ensure that regular staff training is available
  • Work alongside trusted cyber security partners


Digital transformation in the cruise industry has seen cruise ships effectively becoming ‘floating cities’. The huge level of connectivity required alone has ensured that internet-based threats are a constant fear for cruise lines, with Royal Caribbean Group revealing they faced one million cyber-attacks a day at the start of 2019.

Compliance, protection, and passenger safety are all vital and our cyber security experts in particular can help. Many of the team on theICEway having worked previously in cruise and maritime and here are just a handful of tips to keep in mind if you are working in this fantastic industry and considering reinforcements to your existing security efforts.

Cyber security in cruise: Top Tips

  • Education & training must be implemented to all
  • Ensure that recreational & transaction networks are separated from the ship’s operational networks
  • Implement a Risk Management framework
  • Detect cyber incidents & respond quickly

CRIBB Sectors: Travel

Whilst hugely experienced in cruise shipping systems, we are also proud to have worked with a variety of clients from the wider travel industry, including well- established tour operators and travel agents.

These companies regularly deal with high volumes of sensitive data and are therefore considered to be key targets for would-be cyber criminals and hackers.

We have helped to shore up travel systems against data breaches, and here are some handy tips designed to help you improve your own defences…

Cyber security in the travel industry: Top Tips

  • Implement Anti-Virus Protection
  • Implement a strong Password Policy
  • Use Two-Factor Authentication where possible
  • Learn about Phishing Scams & be suspicious of emails from unknown senders

The experts at CRIBB Cyber Security can help you become more cyber resilient. We can help you gain certification in Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus and more. We also provide consultancy, DPO as a service, detection plus maintenance and support services.


theICEway ecosystem of companies – Comprises of CRIBB Cyber Security, ICE Technology Services & eTestware

IGSoC – Information Governance Statement of Compliance

PHI – Protected Health Information

DPO – Data Protection Officer