We recently had an article published on the importance of cyber security awareness. In that piece, we provided best practices and recommended that you create a culture of cyber awareness. With so many cyber-crimes and data breaches occurring nowadays, this is becoming ever more important. Here then are some cyber security awareness tips for you, whether you head up an organisation or work for one, or if you are personally interested.

Encourage cyber security awareness in your organisation

In the Government Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2020, 80% of businesses said cyber security was a high priority for them. This number has risen over the years, and the experts at CRIBB have experienced a similar trend with incoming security queries. “The last few years have definitely seen more companies requesting help with governance, certification, DPO services – you name it”, states Patrick Carolan when we sit with him.

“I’ve been working through more and more accreditations for myself as well, because the dangers out there are multiplying at a frightening rate. The head of any organisation nowadays must then see to it that a good level of awareness is raised. It is everybody’s responsibility to know of the dangers and there must be policies and procedures they can follow”.

How to raise awareness

  • Make sure that there is a robust security framework in place
  • Keep policies and processes up-to-date
  • Make all staff aware of the security strategy through regular training
  • Consider placing reminders on notice boards and in meeting rooms or break rooms
  • Carry out tests and quizzes on staff

Embrace cyber awareness within the workspace

As an employee, it is essential to know about organisational security protocols. You must then educate yourself on policies and procedures, noting who to contact in the event of an incident. Engage in any training sessions that are offered and supplement these learnings with a general knowledge of cyber security news.

How to embrace awareness

  • The majority of successful cyber-attacks are those targeting employees, who then unwittingly divulge information. Do not let that be you by always being alert to potential scams (i.e., email phishing)
  • Read all handbooks and policies, taking note of areas you can directly influence
  • Attend all training sessions on cyber security
  • Regularly read cyber security news updates (there is usually one each month in the CRIBB blog)

Personal tips on becoming cyber aware

None of us want to be the victim of a scam, least of all one that can potentially involve sensitive information. You must therefore do all that you can to protect yourself.

  • Make sure you have effective security software in place and keep it updated regularly
  • Use strong passwords and then try to avoid using the same one for multiple websites
  • Consider using MFA / 2FA whenever it is an option
  • Never leave devices unattended
  • Educate yourself on cyber security updates, news and trends

Organisations can contact us for more information on becoming cyber aware.