Our regular readers will know all about the importance of cyber security certification, especially in this day and age. Cyber security certificates are powerful trust symbols and potential clients look for them now more than ever before. They are only awarded when certain measures and protocols are in place, demonstrating that your organisation is cyber resilient and cyber aware.

Key certifications for cyber security

There are many certificates that you can seek out but some key ones are as follows:

  • Cyber Essentials & CE Plus
  • GDPR & Data Protection
  • IASME Governance
  • ISO / IEC 27001 Lead Implementer
  • IoT Secure

Cyber Essentials is a scheme involving an independently-verified self-assessment against five basic security controls. The questions are available at no charge and only qualified assessors can verify the answers given. Once you have acquired CE, you can then try to secure CE Plus. This involves a full technical audit of all devices, systems, internet gateways and more to offer a much higher level of assurance.

The General Data Protection Regulation and indeed all other data protection regulations are vital. Full compliance is key, with so many organisations missing certain requirements. Data breaches can cost not only millions in fines but they can also destroy reputations. It is important to not only aim for compliance but to also comply with the right regulations. For example, EU data protection no longer applies in the UK, so organisations based there now need an EU representative. Similarly, depending upon location, some EU-based companies will now require a UK representative.

Read more about IASME, PCI DSS, ISO 27001 and IoT certification here.

Who can help with certification?

CRIBB is part of theICEway ecosystem of companies and an official certification body that is backed by the UK Government. Our cyber security experts are fully qualified to help and eager to do so. Cyber security certificates are a vital element for any organisation to embrace today. Contact us to find out more, and visit theICEway to see how our security solutions compliment the efforts of our colleagues at ICE and eTestware.