Cyber Security in the Education Sector - Cribb Cyber Security

Cyber Security in the Education Sector is a vital area that should be a priority now more than ever before. Today we’ll look at why that is and proffer some tips on how this can best be tackled.

Now is the time for cyber security in education

In the wake of the pandemic, schools have adopted remote teaching and learning processes. This development has been a challenging one that has generated a high degree of risk. Hundreds or even thousands of remote users now need to connect to a school’s network to access resources.

Some schools are able to provide laptops or devices but many are not. Some may also have strong security policies in place, including ‘bring your own device’. Again though, many will not have a robust enough cyber security framework – leaving them open to potential cyber-attacks.

7 Top Tips for schools

  • Assign responsibility for cyber security to a member of the senior management / leadership team
  • Establish an overall awareness of security policies and ensure these are regularly discussed and communicated
  • Implement strong cyber security controls including access control, then only provide staff with enough access to fulfil their role
  • Implement secure network configuration and then regularly install updates
  • Establish strong monitoring and incident management processes
  • Be clear on the use of personal devices for pupils and staff
  • Educate everyone on cyber security on an on-going basis

How CRIBB Cyber Security can help

As part of theICEway, our experts offer support and guidance to organisations from different sectors. In the past, our main focus was on maritime and cruise, travel and healthcare. In recent years we have looked more towards education. We believe that a proactive approach is vital and everything we do is infused by a ‘security by design’ ethos. As an official certification body, we can help with IASME Governance and data regulation compliance. We can provide Data Protection Officers and carry out penetration testing and vulnerability scanning. With our consultancy and support services, we can ensure that you are as cyber resilient as possible. Contact us to find out more…