It’s that time of the month when we look back at some of the key stories to have emerged. Cyber security news Aug 2022 includes another ransomware attack against the NHS here in England. We then look at a Threat Post piece on the growth of ransomware attacks this year, before ending with – you guessed it – another high-profile cyber-attack.

Read our news round-up for July 2022.

NHS hit by another cyber-attack

This article from Sky News describes the cyber-attack on the NHS as having wide-ranging implications. The system used to dispatch ambulances was affected, as were those used to issue emergency prescriptions and book out-of-hours appointments.

These vital systems are supplied to the NHS by IT provider Advanced, who were liaising with the NCSC at the time the article was published. Initial estimates suggested that it could take up to 4 weeks to fix the issues caused by the attack.

Ransomware on the rise

Threat Post published this piece on ransomware growth in 2022 this month. The numbers quoted are substantial and offer further proof of the importance of being ‘cyber aware’.

Ransomware gang attacks by number in July 2022

  • Lockbit – 62 attacks
  • Hiveleaks – 27
  • BlackBasta – 24

July saw 198 successful ransomware campaigns, a 47% month-on-month increase. Whilst this was down on March and April attacks (at circa 300), it still gives major cause for concern.

Montenegro suffers “unprecedented” cyber-attack

Reuters recently published this story, in which officials in Montenegro reported a cyber-attack against state infrastructure.

Maras Dukaj, Public Administration Minister, also released this statement on Twitter: “Certain services were switched off temporarily for security reasons but the security of accounts belonging to citizens and companies and their data have not been jeopardised,”

This is not the first time that Montenegro has suffered a cyber-attack. Hackers targeted the state digital infrastructure in 2016 and then again during 2017.

That is all for cyber security news Aug 2022, a round-up centred on cyber-crime and ransomware in particular. Stories related to this are becoming rife in the mainstream media. Attacks are occurring with more frequency and against higher-profile targets. It is vital that you consider your organisation as being a potential target for cyber-criminals. That way you can ensure your defences are robust enough – here are a few pointers towards achieving this:

  • Make sure you have an IT Security strategy in place
  • Review all policies and procedures on a regular basis
  • Promote cyber awareness throughout your organisation
  • Be aware of your obligations with regard to data protection and cyber security certifications
  • Consider deploying regular cyber security reviews