Now we are into March, it is time to look back at cyber security news Feb 2022. The month began with yet another high-profile cyber-attack which saw News Corp suffering a data breach. It then continued with the far more positive efforts of the NCSC and their ‘CyberFirst Girls competition’ here in the UK. IT Security is but one concern for Ukraine at the time of writing, with a slew of cyber-attacks targeting webpages for banks and government ministries in the past couple of weeks.

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News Corp hacked in cyber-attack

This Sky News piece on data being stolen from Rupert Murdoch’s company emerged at the start of Feb. It seems that a breach discovered on January 20th affected some email accounts and documents. Preliminary investigations suggest a possible link to China, although the threats have now been contained.

High-profile cyber-attack reports are becoming all too regular in the mainstream media. It is not just well-known organisations that are potential victims, however. Unfortunately, we are all targets and so being cyber aware is imperative today. Having a robust IT Security plan in place is crucial for any sized company, too. How up-to-date are your own security policies and processes? Are your devices all protected with the latest anti-virus software? If you have any doubts, then CRIBB can help.

7,000 Schoolgirls compete to be UK cyber security champions

This story from ITV News Meridien centres on a National Cyber Security Centre competition. In a positive move, the NCSC is encouraging UK schoolgirls to strengthen their cyber security skills. The article reveals that of 46,000 UK cyber security workers, only 16% are women.

Cyber-attacks against Ukraine

The month drew to a close with Russia’s devastating actions against Ukraine. This BBC News story told how hackers are contributing towards the devastation by targeting Ukrainian websites. Sites for banks and then ministries experienced downtime, adding to people’s fear and confusion.

That is all for your cyber security news Feb 2022. Did we select the most interesting or relevant stories? In a month that started and finished with ever more cyber-criminal activity, one thing is for sure: Those without sufficient IT Security measures in place should definitely aim to change that.


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