Cyber Security News, February 2021; the month is almost at an end and it is time for our monthly news round-up.

Adaptive Cyber Security to reign in 2021

‘Adaptive cyber security’ refers to the growing need for security frameworks which can incorporate new technologies such as AI and MFA. This Forbes article refers to the findings of a recent PWC report with some key findings, including:

  • 96% of enterprise executives interviewed will adjust strategies in the wake of Covid-19
  • ~50% now consider cyber security in all business decisions
  • 71% will incorporate cyber security into risk management strategies
  • 55% have higher budgets in 2021

This final point is due in part to greater automation being embraced. 40% of the executives also plan to increase resilience testing this year to safeguard core business functions. Five types of cyber-attacks are expected to take centre stage: cloud service attacks, ransomware breaches, ‘disruptionware’ attacks, state-sponsored attacks and major disinformation campaigns.

Top Tip

Our experts help clients from a wide range of industries with their security processes. From large organisations, through SMEs and down to local businesses, all have benefited from our security evaluations. No matter how secure you believe your business to be, there is always room for improvement. Contact us today to find out what you can do to become more cyber resilient.

Women to fill Cyber Security Talent Gap

There has long been a dearth of talent in the world of cyber security. At the end of January, this article appeared on the Financial Times website. In it, Alice Kantor suggests that the pandemic has led to a growth in homeworking and as such, a rise in opportunities for cyber criminals. This in turn means a greater need for professionals who can combat them. Women currently account for ~25% of employees in the cyber security sector, so what better way to tackle both this issue and that of a talent gap?

The article goes on to mention schemes designed to give women the chance to make a career for themselves in security. The team at CRIBB are all for it, with people a crucial aspect of our overall core values. As part of theICEway, we are very proud to have women in key roles. Lois Patient, a member of the Senior Management Team, perhaps puts it best:

“We have always looked beyond gender whenever looking for new talent. We embrace a progressive stance, and above all else promote innovation and integrity in everything we do.”

Sweden to Establish an NCSC

It has become increasingly more apparent that cyber-attacks are on the rise, a worrying trend which has grown ever more in the wake of the pandemic. This online article from Computer Weekly reveals that Sweden is to establish its own National Cyber Security Centre. The move comes after a number of high-profile cyber-attacks in 2020, including that against Gunnebo. Reuters reported this incident late last year, in which the security firm’s systems were compromised.

The NCSC will serve both private and public sectors, also acting as an information-exchange platform. Once again, cyber security news February 2021 shows the growing need for more cyber awareness.