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Now well into February, it is time for us to look back at cyber security news Jan 2022. Read about North Korean hackers stealing huge amounts of cryptocurrency in 2021. Hear how Ukraine claims to have evidence showing Russia to be behind 2022’s first major cyber-attack. Then we’ll touch upon a recently launched Government cyber security strategy designed to strengthen public services in Britain.

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North Korean hackers steal vast amounts of cryptocurrency in 2021

This BBC News story reveals that they stole $400 million last year, the staggering numbers appearing in a report from Blockchain analysis company Chainalysis.

Key facts:

  • Chainalysis claim that £291m worth of digital assets were amassed through upwards of 7 attacks on cryptocurrency platforms in 2021
  • The attacks targeted centralised exchanges and then also investment firms in the main
  • The amount of North Korean-linked hacks rose from 4 to 7 between 2020 and 2021
  • The value taken via the hacks grew by 40% year-on-year
  • North Korea denies involvement

Ukraine claims Russia were behind recent cyber-attack

This piece from The Guardian reveals that Ukraine has “evidence” of Russian culpability in the security incident.

Key facts:

  • A huge cyber-attack took out key government websites last week in Ukraine
  • Some believe that the incident could subsequently lead to military action
  • Washington also accused Moscow of positioning saboteurs in Ukraine
  • Microsoft warned that the Ukraine cyber-attack could affect more organisations than first feared

Government Cyber Security Strategy to bolster Britain’s defence

This article on the website looks at the first ever cyber security strategy to be implemented in the UK.

Key facts:

  • A new ‘Cyber Coordination Centre’ will be launched
  • A cross-government vulnerability reporting service will then be implemented
  • An investment of £37.8 million will help local authorities boost their cyber resilience
  • Detailed assessments of current risks and vulnerabilities will take place

‘Cyber security news Jan 2022’ once again demonstrated the (ever-)growing importance of cyber security. If your organisation is reliant upon IT infrastructure, then an IT security strategy is a must. Nowadays, the majority of companies both large and small count IT processes amongst their most crucial. It is very much the same in our everyday lives. How many of you make regular online purchases? Do you only proceed if you believe them to be secure? Then you have a good degree of cyber awareness! None of us can afford to ignore cyber security. On the contrary, we must all embrace it to some extent. Do you have McAfee or another piece of security software installed on your PC? Then you are already cyber aware!

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