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Cyber Security News; January 2021 and we’re almost at the end of the month. Where did the time go? The world of cyber security is one that is growing in importance by the day. The news contains more stories than ever before about cyber attacks. Here are the stories from January which caught the eye of our experts.

Maritime Cyber Security; does it need an overhaul?

Maritime and cruise are very close to our hearts. We have worked alongside many clients within these industries and continue to do so today. We therefore always keep an eye on the Seatrade Maritime News website, which offered up this interesting piece just last week.

The question is, are existing maritime security policies and procedures robust enough to cope? There are certainly a plethora of tech-related issues facing those aboard vessels on rivers and seas. Digital transformation has also led to an increase in these issues, with cyber security efforts in particular coming under far greater strain. “It’s a simple fact that the shift towards online means more opportunity for would-be cyber criminals”, says CRIBB’s Patrick Carolan.

“Our work with maritime and cruise clients has shown that there is a real need for help with security. Policies aren’t nearly strong enough because they aren’t specific to the industry. That is one reason behind the creation of our own security framework.”

Top Tip: Get CRIBB Maritime Cyber Assurance

Patrick was referring to this framework, also known as ‘CMCA’. It was developed by our experts specifically for maritime and is an alternative to ISO 27001.

Recognised by IASME, CRIBB Maritime Cyber Assurance will see our experts helping you with security policies. You will also receive a full compliance assessment plus analysis of your management, operations, HR and more.

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Joe Biden loves cyber security

Well, love may be a strong word but he certainly seems to value it more than Donald Trump. This article from IT News describes how he has refocused attention towards security in the wake of the SolarWinds hack.

Patrick Carolan seems to be impressed by the move, stating that “the demotion of cyber security under the Trump administration was always a mis-step.”

“Biden has rightly chosen to seek advice from past national security experts to ensure that the recovery from SolarWinds is expedited.”

Did Hackers Cause a Government Data Breach in West Sussex?

This article from Cyber Security Review references a Mail Online story covering a cyber attack on the Government’s Wilton Park office. Another example of the post-Covid rise in cyber incidents, CRIBB’s own experts expect a lot more this year.

“Unfortunately data security has been targeted more and more in the wake of the pandemic”, says Patrick Carolan. “2021 is likely to see a lot more activity of this nature so it is vital that organisations are prepared.”

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