It’s now August and time for a look back at recent security updates. ‘Cyber security news Jul 2022’ includes hackers targeting the British Army. We then turn our attention towards the BlackCat ransomware group before finishing with a look at phishing attacks in the first quarter of 2022.

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British Army’s social media channels hacked

This piece from BBC News reveals that hackers compromised the army’s Twitter and YouTube accounts.

At the start of July, NFT posts and cryptocurrency videos appeared on the channels and the Twitter account name was even changed. The army confirmed the breach and then worked hard to resolve the issues, in what was merely the latest example of a high-profile account being targeted.

Brute Ratel being used by BlackCat

This Infosecurity Magazine story looks at the ransomware group’s use of a penetration testing suite with remote access features.

Cyber security giant Sophos discovered the development and also found that AnyDesk, TeamViewer and nGrok were used. The discovery came about after many Sophos customers called upon them to investigate BlackCat ransomware infections.

Using vulnerabilities reported from the last 4 years, attackers read memory from VPN systems and then logged in as authorised users. They dumped domain controller passwords, created accounts with administrative privileges and then ran scans for additional targets.

Phishing attacks continue to grow

Threat Post dive into a research report from Vade in this article to illustrate the ever-increasing threat of phishing.

The first quarter of 2022 has seen a tremendous increase in phishing attacks. The biggest victims include Microsoft and Facebook, with Microsoft experiencing a 266% rise year-on-year. The Vade study reveals that cyber-criminals are targeting financial services brands first and foremost. Cloud is also a popular target and then recognisable players such as Google and Adobe are next in line along with the aforementioned Microsoft.

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