As the month draws to a close, we look back at some key stories in our regular feature: Cyber security news (Jun 2021). Unfortunately, it has been another fertile period for cyber-criminals. Indeed, it seems rare now in the security world for a day to pass without hearing about ransomware, or data breach incidents. Make sure your defences are in place and that your teams are cyber aware…

Cyber-attack shuts down McDonald’s meat supplier

This story about a cyber-attack on JBS appeared on the BBC website at the start of the month. The largest meat processing company in the world became the latest victim of ransomware, temporarily losing operations in the US, Canada and Australia. The FBI are investigating the incident, which could see meat shortages or price hikes, with thousands of employees already affected.

Top Tip

Always follow best practices where cyber security is concerned. If you are not sure what they are, this CRIBB article from May is a good place to start. Make sure you have policies in place and a dedicated security expert to enforce them. Raise cyber awareness levels throughout the entire organisation and implement security controls.

New attacks by SolarWinds hackers

Last weekend, ARS Technica ran this story on a new attack carried out by the hacking group behind the SolarWinds breach. This time, they accessed a Microsoft worker’s computer and then launched targeted attacks against Microsoft customers. The group, known as ‘Nobelium’, also compromised Mimecast and anti-malware provider Malwarebytes.

LinkedIn suffers another data breach

Just yesterday, Threat Post published this article on another data-scraping incident aimed at LinkedIn. In April, 500 million LinkedIn records were put up for sale following a public profile scraping incident. This month, 700 million records were then touted by the hacker, ‘GOD User TomLiner’. LinkedIn are denying that their data has been breached on either occasion, citing records from other sources during previous breaches instead.

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