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March is drawing to a close and so it is time for cyber security news Mar 2022. We begin with yet another cyber security incident, this time against video game developer Ubisoft. Then we touch upon Google’s efforts to fix another zero-day flaw. Finally, we look at the latest and most serious announcement yet against Kaspersky.

Ubisoft confirms cyber security incident

This piece from Bleeping Computer revealed that Ubisoft initiated a ‘company-wide password reset’ in the wake of the incident.

A short news release from the company confirmed that there was temporary disruption to “games, systems, and services”. The password reset was taken as a precautionary measure and Ubisoft are now working alongside external experts to investigate.

With huge hits to their name including Assassin’s Creed and Prince of Persia, this is another high-profile victim for cyber-criminals.

Google releases a new version of Chrome recently covered Google’s efforts to patch a zero-day flaw.

The new version is Chrome 99.0.4844.84 and it is designed to fix zero-day vulnerability CVE-2022-1096. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux and updating requires users to follow some simple steps.

  • Navigate to the Chrome menu
  • Then select the ‘Help’ option
  • Next, select the ‘About Google Chrome’ option

The CVE-2022-1096 zero-day flaw is a type of confusion bug in the V8 JavaScript engine. Successful exploitation can lead to browser crashes, plus attackers can also execute arbitrary code.

Kaspersky flagged as a risk to national security by the FCC

This weekend, sources including Reuters revealed that the US FCC has added Russia’s Kaspersky to the national security threat list.

Recently there have been doubts cast about using Kaspersky’s IT Security software. We ourselves featured a blog on alternative options including Bitdefender. Now the Federal Communications Commission in the US has taken a huge step forwards on the matter. Kaspersky is based in Moscow but consistently denies being a Russian government tool. They are disappointed with the decision and have described it as “unsubstantiated”.

That is all for your cyber security news Mar 2022. Are you a concerned Google Chrome user? Do you have doubts about whether or not to use Kaspersky cyber security solutions? We would love to hear your thoughts so please do leave your comments below. If your organisation needs any help with IT security then our experts are willing to help.

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