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Are you ‘cyber security ready’? We help organisations around the world and in the UK to answer that question in the positive. Formed in 2016, CRIBB Cyber Security can help you with certifications, detection & defence and safeguarding. This year, we have developed our IT Security offering to include CRIBB ‘CSR’ and today we’ll take a closer look at this robust solution.


Different companies require different cyber security solutions. There are many variables involved, including locations dealt with / within, sector, staff numbers and the amount of data that is stored / processed. Many organisations are also required to achieve certifications such as Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus. Others must also have a Data Protection Officer (DPO) in place.

Get in touch with our cyber security experts if you are unsure over your own cyber security requirements.

CRIBB’s ‘CSR’ packages will help companies of all sizes tackle IT security. You may have heard this abbreviation a lot recently, under its more ‘standard’ definition: Corporate social responsibility. We did not choose ‘CSR’ because of this. This then is a very happy coincidence, for we developed these security packages to help raise cyber awareness. As a cyber security company we feel it is our duty and responsibility to do this, both in the corporate world and in society as a whole.


From as little as £250 per month, our LITE package offers cyber security support. We’ll furnish you with a DPO who will join you at bi-annual meetings. We’ll deliver advice with Cyber Essentials, too, so this is ideal for smaller companies.


From just £500 per month, CRIBB will provide you with enhanced cyber security support. This means a Data Protection Officer who will engage with you in bi-annual meetings. That person will conduct an IT security policies & processes evaluation, as well as then assisting you with a cyber security readiness assessment. Assistance is then also provided with Cyber Essentials certification and ICO registration. You can expect regular reports, update meetings and an on-going action plan. CRIBB CSR Premium LITE also includes an external, annual vulnerability scan.*

CSR PREMIUM – From just £950 per month

Then there is our PREMIUM package, ideal for larger companies or those processing large amounts of data. We’ll give you comprehensive cyber security support along with a DPO who will join you in quarterly meetings.

We’ll evaluate your existing IT Security Policies and processes and complete a cyber security readiness assessment. Assistance with Cyber Essentials certification and registration plus help with ICO registration is also included.

CRIBB will provide you with regular reports, update meetings and we’ll deliver an on-going action plan. We’ll also give you an external, annual penetration test and an external vulnerability scan.*

Let CRIBB Cyber Security help

At the beginning of this piece, we asked a question: Are you cyber security ready? If you are in a position to answer that now, then fantastic. If not, however, then we can help.

Our brand new CSR cyber security packages are designed to give you everything you will need. Ideal for small, medium and larger organisations, CRIBB CSR will give you the protection you need. It will also ensure that you achieve the right levels of compliance.