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Antivirus software offers computer users protection against cyber threats like viruses and malware. Whether you prefer an individual program or a suite of programs, there are many options to choose from when selecting an antivirus solution. Today we look at two of those in more detail; it is time for ESET versus Bitdefender!


ESET are an award winning digital security company with solutions aimed at both individual customers and businesses around the world. Established in 1992, ESET proudly states that it “is still run by the same engineers who started the company three decades ago.” ESET’s numbers are quite astonishing, as they currently protect more than 110 million users worldwide. This includes over 400,000 businesses in more than 200 countries and territories, and they are also part of Google’s App Defence Alliance. That means ESET is responsible for protecting the Google Play Store, which is certainly pertinent for and appreciated by this writer!

Find out more about ESET at the official website.


Like ESET, Bitdefender are also award winners and cater globally for individuals and businesses. They purport to offer “cybersecurity solutions with leading security efficacy, performance and ease of use”. Founded in Romania in 2001, Bitdefender also boasts some very impressive numbers, including no less than 440 technology patents. Amongst these are machine-learning algorithms that can detect malware and other threats, plus anomaly-based detection techniques. The company strives for innovation and has more than 20,000 qualified partners and resellers from 170 countries.

Find out more about Bitdefender at the official website.

Let ‘battle’ commence…!

Each company lists impressive client and partner numbers and each one has its fair share of USPs to consider. Here we breakdown some of the key factual aspects, which will hopefully enable you to select the right one for you:

Some key aspects to consider in the ESET versus Bitdefender debate

There are many more aspects to take into consideration but we believe that the ones presented here give a good glimpse of both solutions. It is always good to know if a free version is available and there is not with ESET. ESET is also more expensive than Bitdefender but has far fewer features. For example, Bitdefender users can take advantage of VPN, Anti-tracker, Performance optimisation and File shredding capabilities whereas ESET users cannot. Platform availability is another key consideration, as Linux users cannot currently implement the Bitdefender solution. If you want a wide range of features at a solid price, however, then Bitdefender would appear to be the better option.

In conclusion

ESET versus Bitdefender sees a lesser-known antivirus solution competing against a very popular one. ESET offers robust security and is certainly more than capable of providing a strong-enough level of protection. Bitdefender though can do the very same and has outstanding extra features to take advantage of. Which is the one for you?

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