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Maritime Cyber Security is one area in which our experts excel. We have spent many years helping clients in cruise and ferry, using our findings to create our CMCA Solution (more below). It is an increasingly hot topic in the news, as is cyber security in general. With an increase in cyber-attacks in most sectors, we felt it was time to revisit the subject.

Cyber Security is vital for your organisation

Digital transformation in cruise and maritime has meant a rise in opportunities for would-be cyber criminals. Security threat levels have been impacted A general lack of cyber awareness has always been an issue, and is now becoming a huge problem. There has been an increase in focus on this all-important area though, with new regulatory requirements being introduced.

Operational optimisation is still critical, and ship operation requires effective software-based systems. As a result, those who are able to incorporate new digital solutions will excel.

Top Tip

CRIBB Maritime Cyber Assurance – CMCA – is a robust and affordable security framework. As part of theICEway ecosystem of companies, our experts have spent more than 2 decades working alongside maritime clients. We have pooled our learnings during that time to create CMCA as a reliable alternative to ISO27001. Recognised by IASME, CMCA delivers shareholder reassurance from crew members simply and effectively.

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Why is the importance of cyber security growing in maritime?

The industry is growing in efficiency due to the advancement of technology and automation. Those within it must review and improve security measures. You must also factor additional safety considerations and risks into any framework to maintain vessel operation and to keep crew and passengers safe.

As with many industries, cyber-attacks are on the up. There are growing incidents both on and offshore in maritime that need to be addressed. Remote attacks are a very real threat and new regulations and laws are being introduced such as the IMO Guidelines on Maritime Cyber Risk Management.

Why is CRIBB the right partner to help?

Our knowledge of maritime and cruise is second to none. Our people are core to our efforts. Their experience combined with a robust training and certification programme enables us to stay abreast of the latest cyber security trends and updates.

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