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‘CRIBBmas’ is but a day away, so here at CRIBB Cyber Security we have decided to give you another slice of festive, IT Security fun. A couple of weeks ago we allowed our inner child to take over the blog. That child then proceeded to have a little IT Security fun with a CRIBB-themed version of ‘Away in a Manger’. We had then intended to give you a rundown of the key cyber security news stories from 2019. Instead, we decided to look at PCI DSS Compliance, a very important area in the on-going mission to achieve cyber resilience. You might then be thinking that a review of the year is about to unfold before your very eyes? Well, in the spirit of Mr. Robot, which has just finished, we are going to allow that aforementioned inner child another attempt to have some Christmas fun. Sorry, ‘CRIBBmas’ fun!

A CRIBBmas Carolan

Morning had passed and all were in good cheer, for it was a clear day and a special time of year.

Everyone but one had a smile on their face; the only frown was worn by a man in much haste.

Resisting the urge to not be on call, a DPO to the core he always gave his all.
Ranting and raving were no friends of his, he got on with the job and allayed client’s fears.

You might say he was a hero but in truth, he was no De Niro

Choosing instead the supporting roles, ticking off cyber security goals

Helping with Cyber Essentials and C.E. Plus, as well as everything else with the minimum of fuss.

Reducing risk and improving compliance? He and CRIBB can help, they’re quite an alliance

If you have a cyber security need, they will support you and you will succeed

Spear and Whaling Phishing? They hold no fear, give us a call, our experts are here.

Threats in cruise have never been stronger, but we’ve worked in the industry for 20 years and longer

Maritime Cyber Assurance*, from CRIBB, it’s the best; cruise lines gather round, don’t settle for less

And so, Patrick smiles knowing full well, that he’s working, it’s Christmas, but all is just swell;

Sometimes it’s better to give than receive; what better time of year to realise, what a time to believe…!


CRIBBmas – A term we made up (honestly)

IT Security fun – Most definitely not an oxymoron (honestly)

PCI DSS Compliance – Any company processing card payments must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

Mr. Robot – A TV show based on a hacker and featuring cyber-attacks

DPO – Data Protection Officer (more below)

C.E. Plus – Cyber Essentials Plus (more below)

Phishing – The fraudulent attempt to obtain usernames, passwords, credit card details and other sensitive information by sending an electronic communication in disguise.

Spear / Whaling Phishing – Spear phishing is a scam conducted via an email or electronic communication and targeted towards a specific individual or business. Whaling Phishing is a highly targeted phishing attack that is usually aimed at senior executives in a business.

*CRIBB Maritime Cyber Assurance – A cyber security solution for the cruise industry from CRIBB and theICEway

Top Tip

We can honestly say that our cyber security skills far outweigh our creative writing ‘skills’, so if you need help with any of the following products and services, look no further…

Cyber Essentials & Cyber Essentials Plus
GDPR Compliance
IASME Governance Certification
PCI DSS Compliance
Data Protection Officer
Technical Review Service
Information Governance Assistance
Vulnerability Scanning
Penetration Testing
Maintenance Support Services
Incident Management Assistance
CRIBB Maritime Cyber Assurance

We hoped you enjoyed yet another exercise in IT security fun. We also hope you have a wonderful time this festive season!