December 25th is fast approaching and we have a look back at cyber security in 2019 coming next week. Therefore, today we decided to have a bit of Christmas cyber security fun sooner rather than later. Yes, we could have saved this until next week and instead delivered a yearly review now but… This piece was more fun to produce! (And hopefully a lot of fun to read)

(To be sung in the style of ‘Away in a Manger’)

Verse 1

Away from cyber danger, with CRIBB for a friend
Our clients are happy from beginning to end;
The hackers can’t get them, there is simply no way
Our fantastic clients are so happy to stay

Verse 2

When the battle is raging, our DPO awakes
But Patrick Carolan – (MBCS, ACITP, ACSP, CIS F, PCI IM, CISMP, Network+, Security+, Numara CTA, CE / CE+ / IASME Governance / GDPR Certified GCHQ Auditor / PCEB Certified/Approved DPO) Technical Director / Certification Auditor / DPO* – no crying he makes
He loves his IASME, like the NCSC
From April next year it’s the one and only

Verse 3

Be near us CRIBB C.S., clients ask us to stay
We’re happy to be a part of theICEway
A digital solution for your IT needs
If your business were a garden, we’d get rid of your weeds

If you enjoyed that as much as we did, please feel free to leave a comment saying as much – why, you might even consider crafting your own CRIBB-based Christmas song…

Keep an eye out for next week’s blog piece, as aforementioned we will be serving up a review of the year in cyber security, a year which has seen the threats and dangers out there multiply but which has also witnessed the birth of new solutions such as our CRIBB Maritime Cyber Assurance product for the cruise industry…

*Actual job title.

We hope you enjoyed this piece of cyber security fun. Season’s greetings and a Merry CRIBB-mas to you all!