The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed a change in our website. The new look for CRIBB Cyber Security is one we have worked at for much of 2022. We have deliberately taken our time to ensure the project was done in the correct way. We have also spent time creating some fantastic new cyber security packages for you. Not everything is different, however. You can still expect advice and guidance on certifications, detection & defence (including pen testing) and safeguarding (DPO).

Time for a change

Bob Dylan and David Bowie both released hit songs about change and it is hard to argue against its necessity. In 2021 CRIBB turned 5 years old and during that time we made a number of subtle fascia changes. Now in our 6th year, we felt it was high time to embrace transformation.

We have maintained our original colour palette but added to it and placed greater emphasis on darker shades. We felt this was much more in the spirit of our times and certainly more modern. It is vital to stay relevant and whilst our products and services include everything you’d expect from cyber security experts, we wanted to do something a little different.

CRIBB Cyber Security Ready (CRIBB CSR)

‘Different’ in this case refers to our brand new CRIBB CSR packages, a reflection of the growing need for comprehensive cyber security solutions. We can still help you with everything from Cyber Essentials and IASME Governance to GDPR compliance and support. Now though, we can also provide you with an annual solution to the question, ‘are you cyber security ready?’:


  • From just £250 per month, you’ll receive cyber security support, a DPO and more


  • From only £500 per month we’ll give you enhanced support, a DPO, evaluation of policies and processes and more. You will also benefit from an annual vulnerability scan


  • A truly comprehensive cyber security support solution, our PREMIUM package includes: A DPO, policies and processes evaluations, certification and registration assistance and much more. Subscribers can also take advantage of an annual vulnerability scan and an external penetration test

Our service pillars

Newly defined yet still the services we have become known for. Our pillars are simple yet effective:


Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus are becoming increasingly more difficult to attain. They are also now required for more organisations, meaning that our assistance is crucial. Our experts will fully prepare you to pass first time and with our new CSR packages, we’ll guide you every step of the way all year-round.

Our robust certifications offering also includes: GDPR & Data Protection, IASME Governance, PCI DSS, ISO / IEC 27001 Lead Implementation, IoT Secure and Maritime Cyber Baseline from IASME.

Detection & defence

Sometimes it is critical to go deeper into your IT security infrastructure. When appropriate, our experts will evaluate your defences by deploying vulnerability scanning and penetration tests. These powerful services will truly examine your levels of compliance, leaving you safe in the knowledge that you are secure.


For years we have delivered a ‘Data Protection Officer as a service’ offering for clients in the UK and around the world. Our DPOs are fully accredited and highly-trained. They are direct liaisons to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). With their support, you can be sure that your company is doing everything required to protect the data of clients and employees. Nowadays, this is becoming ever-more necessary – can you say you are doing all you can with your current business set-up? For those answering with anything other than a definitive ‘yes’, CRIBB is here to help.

Surface and substance

The new look for CRIBB Cyber Security is one we are very proud of. It means nothing though without a strong offering to back it up and we believe that is exactly what we have. It has always been the case but now, through our CRIBB CSR packages, we’re confident that you will agree.

If you are unsure if you need help with cyber security then the ICO website is a good place to start. There you can find some checklists designed to shed light on your current security set-up. Of course, if you need assistance with those or would like to speak with an expert, CRIBB is here to help.