Penetration testing assesses computer systems, networks and web apps through ethical hacking. CRIBB Cyber Security is recognised by both ECSA and CREST for Security Analysis and Penetration testing.

What is ‘Pen Testing’?

Also known as ‘ethical hacking’, it is an authorised, simulated cyber-attack on a computer system. Designed to evaluate its security, a pen test differs from a vulnerability assessment because it uncovers the overall issues.

When we use pen testing, we simulate the behaviour of a real cyber criminal. We do this to reveal how vulnerabilities are exploited and to identify fixes for them.

Top Tip for effective pen testing

It is important to note that this type of testing only evaluates a system against issues known at the time of the test. Therefore, we highly recommend regular testing by qualified and experienced staff.

The quality of testing is largely due to the abilities of the testers involved. This is why the team here at CRIBB gained accreditation from both ECSA and CREST.

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What is an ECSA?

It is a cyber security programme and ECSA stands for ‘EC-Council Certified Security Analyst’. It was developed by the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants (aka the EC-Council).

The largest cyber security technical certification body in the world, the EC-Council also introduced other programmes including the renowned Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH). These certification programs are all recognised and revered around the globe.

Who are CREST?

A non-profit accreditation and certification body established in 2006. CREST is acknowledged as the cyber assurance body for the technical security industry.

Members of CREST provide services including penetration testing and must successfully navigate through a stringent assessment.

CRIBB – Trusted Pen Testing Services

We have recently acquired the following accreditations:

ECSA v10

An advanced security certification which validates the analytical phase of ethical hacking. To achieve this our experts had to demonstrate their skills in analysing the outcome of using hacking tools and technologies.

ECSA v10 Practical

An intensive examination which takes place over 12 hours. Our experts underwent 8 different challenges to test their skills with underlying networks and hosts, subsequently passing with flying colours.


An examination testing knowledge in assessing operating systems and common network services. The CPSA also includes web application security testing to identify common vulnerabilities. The exam tests knowledge using commonly available tools.


The CREST Registered Penetration Tester exam. This practical assessment assesses candidates on their ability to find known vulnerabilities across common network, application and database technologies.


If you require penetration testing services you can be confident that CRIBB Cyber Security are fully qualified in this area. Our experts are knowledgeable on the latest vulnerabilities and have the appropriate policies and procedures in place for this type of work. Perhaps more importantly, you can rest assured that we will protect your client information.

CRIBB Cyber Security allows theICEway ecosystem to provide a security by design approach. This proactive stance is vital in today’s modern world – find out how we can help.