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Security by design cybersecurity solutions provide a robust level of security. At CRIBB, we ensure that a security by design methodology is prevalent in our day-to-day activities. Being proactive is key in the pursuit of cyber resilience in any industry.

Security by design cybersecurity solutions solutions for cruise

We have worked in the cruise industry for many years. During that time, we have become all-too familiar with the security-based challenges cruise faces. As part of theICEway, we have offered support and advice on projects large and small. Some of our efforts directly tackle security issues, such as re-evaluating processes and policies. Others require input on the security elements of a new system or product.

We often team up with our sister brands ICE and eTestware, bringing our security by design approach to every collaborative effort. We instil the right level of protection from day one.

Security by design

The Wikipedia entry for ‘secure by design’ essentially reveals a process in which software products are built to be secure from the foundation up. It goes into more detail but at its essence is the idea of anticipating cyber-attacks. In other words, assume that you are a target and act accordingly. When you take this stance, you can mitigate risk from the outset and take huge strides towards being cyber resilient.

Top Tip

Always analyse and re-evaluate your security framework. Ensure that policies and processes are up-to-date and implement regular training sessions to raise overall awareness. Raising awareness is key; even the most resilient of frameworks will amount to nothing if your people click on the wrong link.

tzChromar – the right time for cruise

Cruise has long faced issues with time zone changes, as this blog piece from theICEway reveals. Passenger experience is critical for the industry, as is that of the crew members too. Therefore, any new solution that can lead to improvements here is a welcome boost – especially after the trials of the past 12 months.

theICEway then devote themselves towards designing such solutions, calling upon our experts to ensure they are delivered with the right levels of security in place.

CRIBB Cyber Security is an official certification body. We are fully backed by the UK government and can also help with penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, DPO services, consultancy and support. Contact us to find out more.