ICE turns 15 next month and to celebrate, we’re looking at Security by design IT Solutions. A staple of theICEway’s offering, we are proud to enable our ecosystem’s teams to embrace cyber security from the word go. Whenever involved in a technology project, theICEway’s IT experts are always keen to focus on IT security in general. If your organisation does not place great emphasis on this, then now is as good a time as any to change!

Security by design

Nowadays, despite a well-documented rise in cyber-criminal activity, many organisations are still too reactive when it comes to cyber security. Waiting for a cyber-attack or data breach to occur and then taking action is a recipe for disaster.

Whilst the problem in hand may be fixed, there is a good chance that deeper-set issues will remain. We therefore recommend a proactive approach, with cyber security a consideration from the start. Be pragmatic, ensure that your security strategy incorporates risk from day 1. Pay particular attention to data integrity and all security implications involved in working processes. Also be aware of all protocols and regulations that apply to your organisation.

Keep all potential threats in mind and then ensure that all plans that are made contain the relevant contingencies. Incorporate thorough checks and identify those responsible for scanning for threats clearly. Everybody must be aware of the responsibilities those people carry as well as their own. Be proactive at every turn. Adopting a security by design approach from the outset will lead to internal and external confidence and peace of mind. For help, contact our experts.

ICE, theICEway and IT

Established in 2016, CRIBB Cyber Security is the cyber security arm of theICEway. There it joined renowned software testing specialists from Estonia, eTestware. There was also ICE, a technology consultancy / managed service provider established by Conor Byrne and Ian Richardson in 2007. The through line for these companies was of course IT but also IT security. This was always a crucial element for both Byrne and Richardson. Quite simply, anybody who has a computer, laptop or other device, is a target for cyber-criminals. When you then start to think about organisations with vast IT networks, it becomes clear that cyber security and all related laws and regulations is a huge topic.

IT Solutions

ICE’s tech solutions are vast in number, scope and depth. There are 3 distinct pillars under which everything falls. These are always underpinned by excellent cyber security: Cloud strategy, application managed services and technology projects.

Cloud strategy includes:

  • Cloud migration, design & implementation
  • Vendor agnostic cloud architecture and design
  • Due diligence / compliance audits

Application managed services includes:

  • 24x7x365 ITIL Managed service desk
  • After hours support
  • Application performance monitoring

Technology projects includes:

  • Technology consultancy
  • Dry docks & shipboard IT support
  • System implementations / Project management

Contact the IT professionals at ICE / theICEway to learn more.

If you opt to outsource your technology requirements to ICE, then you can be assured of gaining access to security by design IT solutions. Over nearly 15 years, ICE Support Ltd. – increasingly known now as theICEway – has evolved its offering. What then does the future hold? Further development and growth is of course an objective but always with security in mind.