Strategic Partnership Announcement - Cribb Cyber Security

CRIBB Cyber Security, Onyx IT, and React CP

Bringing Enhanced Service Offerings to Valued Clients

CRIBB Cyber Security

We are excited to announce a strategic partnership with Onyx IT and React CP, two leading IT support and consultancy firms. This partnership aims to expand the range of services offered to our valued clients, enhancing our collective capability to provide comprehensive, cutting-edge solutions in cybersecurity and IT support.


About Onyx IT
Onyx ITfocuses on delivering top-tier IT support and cybersecurity solutions. They are dedicated to securing businesses from the ever-growing threats in the digital landscape. Onyx IT offers comprehensive services and advanced threat detection. Their expertise ensures that clients’ data and IT systems are secure and always operating at the cutting edge of IT. Based in the UK, Onyx IT has a proven track record, since 1991, of helping businesses safeguard their digital assets and maintain robust and effective IT systems.


About React CP
React CPspecializes in helping modern businesses leverage IT to drive efficiency and innovation. Their core services include implementing Power Apps, document management solutions, and providing expert IT consultancy, particularly in the manufacturing and logistics sectors. React CP’s deep understanding and experience enables them to design and deploy IT systems that streamline operations, improve productivity, and support business growth. They are committed to helping businesses harness the power of technology to achieve their strategic objectives.


The Benefits of the Partnership
Enhanced Service Portfolio

The partnership between CRIBB Cyber Security, Onyx IT, and React CP will enable us to offer a more comprehensive suite of services, including:

1.      Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions: By combining CRIBB’s expertise in cybersecurity with Onyx IT’s focused cybersecurity services, we can provide clients with advanced security measures to protect against evolving cyber threats.

2.      Integrated IT Support and Consultancy: Clients will benefit from seamless IT support and consultancy services that address both their cybersecurity and general IT needs. This integrated approach ensures that all aspects of their IT infrastructure are secure, efficient, and optimized.

3.      Proactive Monitoring and Incident Response: With enhanced remote monitoring and proactive cyber services, we can detect and mitigate potential threats before they cause significant harm. Our robust incident response planning ensures swift recovery and minimal disruption in the event of a cyber incident.

4.      Modern IT Solutions for Business Efficiency: 
Expertise in leveraging IT for business efficiency, particularly in manufacturing and logistics. Their services in Power Apps, document management, and IT consultancy will help businesses streamline operations and improve productivity.

5.      Comprehensive Compliance Management: Together, we will help clients achieve and maintain compliance with relevant regulations and standards, ensuring their operations meet the highest security and governance requirements.


Modern IT & Cyber Preparedness
The recent breaches highlight the critical importance of robust cybersecurity measures in all sectors. Without adequate protection, healthcare organizations among many others, companies face significant liabilities, including regulatory fines, reputational damage, and operational disruptions.

Business also need modern cutting edge IT solutions. By leveraging the comprehensive services provided by CRIBB Cyber Security, Onyx IT, and React CP, companies can enhance operational capabilities, cyber preparedness, secure data, and ensure the continuity of their services.

For more information on how this partnership can benefit your organization, please contact CRIBB Cyber Security and talk us through the IT challenges you are facing.