Today we look back briefly at our ecosystem’s history. We then look forward to theICEway & CRIBB Cyber Security in 2022. What does the future hold? Only time will tell but we certainly have some interesting plans. Last year CRIBB turned 5 years old and in February 2022, eTestware turned 8. This coming May, ICE is 15 and all set to be renamed as theICEway. Once the nickname for our ecosystem, most people now address our technology consultancy arm as such. The change therefore seemed a natural one and the word ‘change’ is definitely one to bear in mind for CRIBB this year, too…

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Our past

Earlier this year, we published an article on ICE’s journey towards theICEway, highlighting CRIBB’s influence. Those interested in learning more about ICE’s evolution might also enjoy this read. Here and now though, we’re looking at CRIBB’s evolution.

Ahead of our foundation in 2016, cyber security and data protection were at the forefront of both Conor Byrne and Ian Richardson’s minds. Huge proponents of an ecosystem philosophy, the pair knew from their ICE clients that cyber security-based services were required by many. These findings were allied to a general shift towards organisations having tighter IT security controls in place. This then led to Conor and Ian formulating the initial plans for a UK cyber security company.

Indeed, the Cyber Essentials scheme launched in June 2014. Certification then became a requirement for certain suppliers to central UK government in October 2014. Byrne and Richardson therefore set CRIBB up as a certification body with full Government backing. They partnered with the IASME Consortium to provide further assistance and set up comprehensive IT security products and services. Any project embarked upon by ICE would include efforts to make clients ‘cyber aware’ and CRIBB subsequently gained in importance.

As CRIBB grew, its team did too and everybody involved has worked extremely hard to add to their cyber security qualifications. This has been an on-going effort and continues to this day, as new certification schemes such as ‘IoT Secure Compliance’ are launched.

Our present & our future

Today, CRIBB Cyber Security is proud to assist organisations both large and small with their security efforts. We are seeing more and more companies seeking to bolster their defences. More are asking us to conduct regular assessments and demand for penetration testing and vulnerability scanning is on the up. As such, we have been busy working on our products and services since the turn of 2022. We have used all the feedback we have received in recent years to streamline our offering. Over the coming months we will reveal all, as we turn our attention towards the future.

Speaking of which, how about a sneak preview of the future? Why not…

  • In 2022, CRIBB will be revealing some brand-new cyber security packages designed to help companies of all sizes
  • We will also be unveiling new, core pillars
  • A core objective of ours has always been to raise general cyber awareness – in 2022, we’ll be shifting focus towards our local community (Welwyn Garden City / Hertfordshire)
  • theICEway has always had our support; this year, we’ll work even harder to reinforce and grow that support

We’re excited about what lies ahead for theICEway & CRIBB Cyber Security in 2022. We hope you are too and would ask that you ‘watch this space’ for more updates! As always, your comments are welcome…