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This Friday is International Internet Day (Oct 29th) and so we felt it only right to celebrate that. The internet has changed all of our lives but with all the positives, there are of course negatives. Our key concern at CRIBB is to make organisations and people cyber aware whilst supporting them in their efforts to attain cyber-resilience. Whether that is through our data protection officer services, certifications or other solutions, we’re here to help. We therefore wanted to include a round-up of tips on cyber security. within our celebratory piece – leave your comments below about what is to many the greatest invention of them all…

International Internet Day (Oct 29th)

Try to imagine a world without the internet – it is difficult, no? And many of those reading this will actually remember that world! Once upon a time, you had to visit your local Blockbuster Video store if you wanted to watch a new movie. Nowadays you can simply go online and select something in seconds. The Internet has given us all access to a mass of entertainment and information in general. It has allowed us to work remotely, something that has boomed in recent times. Many have found a partner online and many maintain close connections with people from all around the world. It is hard to argue against it being man’s greatest achievement. Kaspersky once wrote of the birth of the internet and included a great fact that illustrates how far we have come with it:

“On October 29, 1969, the first message was transmitted over an online network. Almost 50 years later, in July 2019, 4.3 billion people used the internet – over 50 percent of the Earth’s population.”

However, it is not all good news… Yes, the internet makes it possible for us to do so much, including banking and shopping at home. However, it has also resulted in the development and growth of ‘malicious actors’. Cyber-crime and data breaches are a plague to so many modern businesses, particularly those who fail to place importance on being cyber secure.

Tips on cyber security

  • Use strong and separate passwords
  • Stronger passwords tend to include 3 random words
  • Consider saving passwords in your browser (i.e. Chrome)
  • Install the latest software
  • Update all devices and apps regularly
  • Use two-factor authentication / multi-factor authentication where possible
  • Secure devices with a screen lock
  • Always back up your data

CRIBB Cyber Security adopts a proactive, security by design approach to all things cyber-related. We enable our partners at theICEway to do the same for their clients in cruise, travel and healthcare. If you do the same, you will instantly become more secure. If you would like further advice and guidance on cyber security, contact us today.