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Our experts will guide you through the steps of the scanning process. We will work with your people to evaluate existing vulnerability management. We will identify your assets and select the most appropriate type of scanner required. We’ll then choose a deployment model (i.e. on-premises) and decide what to scan and when.

  • We are fully qualified
  • We provide highly-competitive pricing models (available on request)
  • We provide in-depth reporting & analysis

We are also part of theICEway ecosystem of companies, giving us access to worldwide IT resources and expertise.

QA Testers As Needed Not Full Time

Choose CRIBB Cyber Security and you are choosing:

Qualified Professionals

Qualified Professionals

Competitive Pricing Models

Qualified Professionals

Comprehensive Analysis & Reporting

Comprehensive Analysis Reporting

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is vulnerability scanning in cyber security?

Simply put, a vulnerability scan is an automated search for vulnerabilities in your tech environment. A tool such as Nessus or Qualys is used against a checklist, to determine if any vulnerabilities found are affecting you.

What are the types of vulnerability scans?

Network-based scans

Host-based scans

Wireless scans

Application scans

Database scans

How do you perform a vulnerability scan?

One simple methodology would be as follows:

Complete an initial assessment; identify your assets and assign a risk and a value to each

Define a baseline for your system before beginning any scans; ensure that you understand basic configuration and know of processes that shouldn’t be opened

Begin your vulnerability scanning

Create a comprehensive report 

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