In last week’s blog we looked at security frameworks, which are absolutely vital today. It is one thing to have a framework in place, but another to ensure you are making the most of it. This week then, we ask the question, ‘what are cybersecurity best practices?’

Cybersecurity: Definition & importance

‘Cybersecurity’ describes the processes and tools used to protect your IT infrastructure. Networks, systems, devices, programs, and most importantly, data, must be safeguarded against potential threats and breaches. Its importance cannot be overstated, as organisations storing and processing information are responsible for protecting it. Cyber attacks are growing year-on-year and becoming more advanced, so your cybersecurity efforts should take precedence.

Cybersecurity: Challenges

These are numerous, revolving around key areas such as network security, application security, cloud security, mobile security and endpoint security. Data and database security must also be addressed, as must access control and disaster recovery. If you do suffer an attack or a data breach, you must have a robust continuity plan in place.

As the many threats and risks evolve, so the challenges become more difficult to face. As such, it is essential that you adopt a proactive stance; here at CRIBB, we power theICEway‘s ‘security by design’ ethos. If you prepare for the worst then you immediately strengthen your position. We advise continual monitoring and evaluation of your cybersecurity efforts. Be ready to adapt and make sure that all employees are aware of the various risks and threats.

Cybersecurity: Best practices

Here then are some best practice tips for you to consider:

  • Create and implement a cybersecurity policy
  • Appoint someone to take charge of your cybersecurity efforts
  • Ensure that all staff are ‘cyber aware’
  • Create robust user access and password policies (also consider 2FA / MFA)
  • Implement regular risk assessments (with a follow-up procedure in place)
  • Install cybersecurity software and keep it regularly updated
  • Always backup your data

There are many more but if you can check off some of these then you are already on the right path. Our experts would advise that you take another path: theICEway. As mentioned above, CRIBB Cyber Security is responsible for the proactive security stance adopted by theICEway ecosystem of companies. As an official certification body, with UK government backing, we can help you with IASME Governance (including Cyber Essentials Plus). Our team can also provide you with penetration testing and vulnerability scanning amongst many other IT security services.