Cybersecurity or computer security is the way people reduce the risk of online attacks. It improves the protection of systems (smartphones, laptops, tablets, and computers) and computer networks. The aim is to protect them against information gathering, theft, damage or misuse of information and services.
IT security is important because smartphones, computers and the internet have become an integral part of modern life. The dependence on these devices is increasing. Many people can’t see themselves living without their phones or their computers. We are always looking to stay connected through wifi and Bluetooth. We also do everything with our devices, from online banking and shopping to email and social media. That’s why it’s important to take all this into account to prevent cybercriminals from acting. Cyber security is a very important topic these days, especially as the political and technological terms of use are very complex.

Why is cybersecurity so important ?

As explained above, cybersecurity is critical because it protects all categories of data from theft and damage. This data can include sensitive data, Personally identifiable information, Pr Health Information and other types of important information. Without cybersecurity, a company cannot defend itself against data breach campaigns, making it a perfect target for cybercriminals.

The risks are constantly increasing with the arrival of new advances such as cloud services to store sensitive data. If the service is misconfigured, your information or your company’s information can be attacked.

A common mistake is that companies think that anti-virus and firewalls are enough to stop this. Unfortunately, this kind of off-the-shelf service is no longer enough. Cybercriminals are getting smarter and their tactics are becoming more resistant to such software.

The proliferation of data breaches means that cybersecurity is not just a matter for highly regulated industries. Even small businesses risk irreparable damage to their reputation due to a data breach. Moreover, attacks can come from anywhere, such as an email sent to an employee or a penetration via the wifi network.

Why is cybersecurity an important problem ?

A lack of focus on cybersecurity can hurt your business in many ways. Cybercriminals can cause problems and costs on many levels. The most common costs are reputational, with loss of consumer confidence, bad image and therefore loss of new customers too. There can also be economic costs, due to theft of intellectual property, corporate information, disruption of trade and or hijacking of systems that require replacement or repair. The final cost is regulatory, with the GDPR and other data breach laws announcing that fines or penalties will be applied to companies as a result of cybercrime.

What is Cybersecurity and why is it important ?
The GDPR and other data breach laws penalise companies that have participated in cybercrime

These costs caused by security breaches can be difficult to understand as cybercrime is not well understood by all and is difficult to detect. In all companies, employees should be made aware of cybercrime and how to reduce it. To do this, employees need to be regularly trained and updated on how to reduce the risk of data leakage or data breaches.

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